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  • How Does the Trial Offer work ?
    To help you sense the quality standards of our transcription services, we offer a 4-day free trial scheme to our clients. We propose to create transcriptions for maximum 30 minutes of your dictation per day for 4 successive days. During this time, clients can submit dictations through FTP and Email.
  • How Do I Submit and Retrieve My Dictations ?
    We offer our clients 2 methods for submitting and retrieving dictation files: Free and Secure FTP location is provided to our clients for the sending and retrieval of file. Submission and Retrieval can also be conducted through e-mail
  • What should be the dictation format and in what format should I receive my Transcripts ?
    Although we accept various files format, we prefer files with formats such as .wav, .wma, mp3, dss, .ds2 for the best possible results. Clients can request their transcriptions in any format or formats.
  • Can I add more locations, doctors, volumes to our existing process and how do I do it ?"
    Yes, you can add more locations/doctors to an existing process. A prior intimation of adding of more volume, new doctors or new locations is necessary in this regard. The delivery of the transcriptions would depend on the extra volume of work that would be coming in.
  • Is there a contract that a client is required to sign ?
    After a trial, customers are required to sign a contract to use our services. The necessary documentation will be sent to you after the completion of the trial.
  • How is the HIPAA privacy for multiple sites ensured ?
    Global Dox Services strive hard to uphold the security and privacy of patients’ health information. We have made the entire process of services completely secure, as per under the HIPAA guidelines.
  • How do we count a line ?
    A line is created with 65-keystrokes. The keystroke could be any letter, number, symbol or keystroke required for the final appearance and content of the document, including the space bar.
  • How do I sign up for Global Dox Services ?
    To Signup, please fill the form or contact
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