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Why Us

Global Dox provides medical transcription services in well experienced manner to all of our clients. Our aim is to give accurate patient’s information within stipulated turnaround time and to deliver in the format as required by the client. Global Dox offers a comprehensive range of solutions for your medical transcription requirements. Our fully customizable friendly web portal services makes sure you get to  spent time where  it is important to you.

Taking the lead for transcription perfection

Error Free Medical Transcription

99% Accuracy Of Report

Overnight Delivery Of Reports

Work Process

Smartphone App (iPhone/Android)

By installing a small app, using a hand-held digital recorder, clients can dictate into their smart phones and upload your audio files using the one click on Automatic Desktop Application. This securely transfers your recordings to the Global Dox Web Portal.

Document Delivery Portal

All reports are delivered securely in Microsoft Word document format (as per client instruction). An alert will appear on the dashboard of your profile in the web portal. Although downloading will archive the files, you can retrieve those using searches of various parameters. Our secure web portal allows you to access your files from anywhere at your convenience.

Digital Recorder/Preparation

Using a handheld digital recorder, clients can record dictations anytime, anywhere. Once recorded, the files can be transferred to us through our FTP site. Each dictation is allocated to an individual transcriptionist based on specialty.

We observe the strictest discipline in the most critical areas of our business – Confidentiality, Quality, and Turnaround Time. Each transcribed document goes through a special Quality Assurance process, to deliver highly sensitive documents.

Assurance Of Quality

Giving You The Best Results

We will work closely with you, the clients, to ensure that the our transcribers get to know the specific requirements and dictation style as per your requirements.

The finished files are then submitted for proof reading to ensure near zero error.

Proof-reader reviews the report all over again and make the necessary changes. These files are then submitted to the quality team for final check on reports.

After ensuring that the reports have have met our quality standards, transcripts are sent to the Manager. The Manager will further review by random sampling before submitting them to the client.

Customized Pricing

We believe that each client is unique, so we provide our clients with custom pricing solutions based on their needs, requirements and other factors like: Turn around time, Volume of work (monthly/ yearly based) etc.


HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)

Global Dox Services follows HIPPA compliance in our transcription services to ensure the safety of important data of patients and clients. We revise and update its HIPAA Privacy Policy from time to time as changes to the privacy regulations emerge, and will communicate any such changes to our customers and business partners.

Physical Security

Only authorized personnel are allowed to access the facility. For further security reasons, CCTV has been installed on every angle of our office premises. 

Information security

In order to protect the device from external attacks, our IT support team uses many network filters and Firewalls.

For system access, we allow only management and FTP ports inside the office premises.

Data Access

In order to ensure the protection of our data against any attack, we take a range of security precautions, such as no electronic devices of any sort being allowed inside our office premises.


Each of the Global Dox Services employees must sign a Confidentiality Agreement, according to which they are legally obliged not to reveal the identity or details relevant to our clients and their patients.

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